White Papers

  • World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) 2019 Presentation
  • Maker Faire 2018 Keynote speech presentation and video
  • Research Paper from U of Chicago: Research Paper for Reference
  • Stanford University CamLab TED talk on concussion
  • Sourcing

    This is where we made our product, from R&D to industrial design to components to final assembly.

    Honorable Mention

    by ourselves at San Jose, CA

    With the help of
    • Focus PDM, Menlo Park, CA
    • NOVA Design, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    • 上上產品設計, Taipei, Taiwan
    • KAI FUNG INTERNATIONAL CO., Taichung, Taiwan

    We sourced our components acrossed the world,
    • Seeed Studio, Shenzhen, China
    • HWTrek, Shenzhen, China
    • VierMTech, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    • TinyCircuits, Akron, OH
    • KAI FUNG INTERNATIONAL CO., Taichung, Taiwan
    • Minitaps, Seattle, WA
    • Mouser Electronics, Mansfield, TX
    • 哈利路亞精密螺絲, Suzhou, China

    At San Jose, CA, with the help of
    • Packlane, Berkeley CA
    • FoldedColor, Corona, CA