Free Sensor Program

To support young athletes, we started the Free Sensor Program where we donate 1 sensor per month to an individual or 5 sensors per month to an football team. We encourage all teens and their parents to think more about how to use technology to provide safer environment for sports.

To apply for the free sensor, please fill in the form below:
* if you have more information to share (such as images, presentations files, etc), please email to

The winner will be announced through email at the end of each month.

Safe Sports

We support California Assembly members Kevin McCarty, who introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 2007, which will require youth sports participants to undergo the same safety protocols as high school athletes in order to protect them from injury. <

“Sports are embedded in our culture and we must ensure that our youth athletes, coaches, and parents are aware of the severity of a concussion,” said Assemblymember McCarty. “I thank the Governor for protecting youth athletes and taking appropriate steps to prevent serious injury.”

To read more about the bill, please check here.